How can you earn from Chatrooms by making a website

Earning was never too easy when you work online and makes your own business. Every new business needs a new better strategy to adopt in order to get something in terms of money. Nowadays people loves to interact with others in silent mode where nobody knows their identity, it is adopted all over the world. We are job seekers and by the passage of time we are not getting hired by our countries. Inflammatory and poverty is spreading with high ratio in the world. There are many ways you can earn money online even if you develop a chat website online and offer different types of rooms according to the need of user then you can earn even 500 dollars a day which is quite handsome income. So are you curious to know about how it can possible? Let me disclose and share it with you guys. Please let everyone knows that and spreading enhances the knowledge and bear no limits. The very first step is you have to introduce a new chat website where people want to chat. Dating categories of rooms online are more successful. There are many free live chat platforms available which are succeeded.


Make a dating website

You first make a dating website where most of the people join and do complete SEO on that website. You are not allowed to make a rough website in this process otherwise your efforts will be lost. Wait for some days when your site is in running state let it be develop. When you know there are many people who are coming into your room. Have you ever seen rooms like hi chat and badoo types rooms where people chat with each other? Follow the tricks to earn money! There are many other chatrooms which are adopting this kind of technique!

  • Make a website
  • Invite all your friends
  • Do good SEO
  • Find more online platforms
  • Be online
  • Restrict the persons first opposite gender to read their messages until unless they buy the gems and stones. These gems and stones should be buy with the money using the credit cards and other payment methods.
  • Make membership profiles and if you want to enjoy all the features you have to pay money
  • Search criteria limit should be limited when one come you must wait and give chance them to buy money
  • Opposite gender must be allows only when they buy the gems with the money or credit cards
  • This way you can earn money with lot of struggle and enjoy the chatting rooms also.
  • You must also define the payment methods for the users and make it possible to use anytime
  • You must be aware with the fake credit cards purchases with carefully otherwise the consequences will be dangerous
  • Please also define the levels and the badges of the users who are struggling so much
  • You must be very good in engaging with the people
  • You must also introduce people to share their contacts only when they pay money


How to Get Life Partner Online?

How to Get Life Partner Online?

Life partner is the very pure partner of the life whom we want to share our life with. God has made our couples in the heaven but there are some platforms where we got them in this world. Many parents like to arrange their kid’s marriages by themselves so they would not be able to find it yourself. But those are not easy to find the best ever partners in life easily. When you finding the life partner you have to fill up the forms and make your profile attractive to attract the other persons sophisticatedly.

Many people are encouraging others to find the lovers online. So this is the perfect way to find the best chat fellows online. There are many live chatting rooms where people can find the best life partners for free of cost. Check out this chat room to get your life partner. Many people want to have the perfect life partner in life and spend the rest of life with him/her. Hi chat is the platform where people finds and meet with each other and wants to spend their lives together. Two people were recently committed with each other now they are married and living their lives peaceful.

Find top dating sites

There are many online matrimonial websites where people want to spend their lives with each other. These online platforms are made for people who want to find the life partner online. These websites are paid and you will get very good results. When you finding the life partner you have to fill up the forms and make your profile attractive to attract the other persons sophisticatedly. Many people are encouraging others to find the lovers online. So this is the perfect way to find the best chat fellows online. It is to advices that don’t share your personal details until you know them very well. It is another advice that please doesn’t trust the guys and girls so instantly on the internet because many people come here for enjoyment.

Finding people on whatsapp

Many people have the courage to find others on the whatsapp because it is very easy to find someone on whatsapp. This way they can interact with each other and find as much people as you want. You can set status on your whatsapp too related to love for your life partner. This way you can make them realize that they are so important for you and you can do anything for them.

Many people love each other by sending lover emoticons so I advise you also to follow these tips to attract everyone. There are many people in the world who are interested to find the girls online and chat with them. There chatrooms are perfect and you can use also to send those proposals only. Many people are interested to know the other opposite sex so that they wanted to choose the whatsapp and online chat sites to connect with each other.



How to Make in Rows in Someone’s Heart via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become such an effective communication medium now that people from all different walks of life take advantage of it for saying what they want to. Therefore, the app is blessing for people who want to make in rows in someone’s they adore via it. The first will erupt in your mind that how, during the course of this piece of writing, we’ll elaborate that how WhatsApp can be utilized for making a place in someone’s heart.


The endeavor of making an impression is not all that complex as you think you just have to give complete attention to detail and make use of all its offered features aptly. It’s important to put into your consciousness into it – to extract maximum outcome. Firstly you can make use of a simple looking feature, but tits the most imperative one out of all other WhatsApp feature to impress someone it is called status messages. This feature can aid you to help realize the other person that in what situation you are in by hinting towards your frame of mind. Like if you post love status for Whatsapp profile and also alter it with some amazing ones continuously – this will certainly let the other person to scratch his/her head to make out what you are trying to put across via it.

On the other hand, other features can also be mighty helpful for you to first establish a contact point with the person you want via Whatspp. And later make it strong by constantly making an effort to be acquainted with the kind of feeling you encompass in your heart for him/her. For example, if you will show your concern what the other person is up to at various times of the day by sending instant messages and even instant audio messages too. This strive will certainly let the other person recognize what’s in your heart if you are putting this much an effort and taking interest in other person life.

Furthermore, by exchanging multimedia files comprising of images and videos every WhatsApp user can support its feelings and even share funny content to put across its good sense of humor. For the reason most of the people do not get affectionate to people who lacks good sense of humor.

The above cited ones are only a few aspects that how WhatsApp can help users to make rows in someone’s heart you adore – but there is a scope of innovation for every user to apply in this regard.

How to save audio from Whatsapp

How to save audio from Whatsapp

“How to save audio from Whatsapp” Audio conversations are usually set up on WhatsApp and people have audio conversation with everyone to have a good audio conversation. People perform audio conversation on WhatsApp but do not know how to save audio from WhatsApp. Audio conversation is important to have voice chat on WhatsApp. Today we will let you know that how you can save audio from WhatsApp.

How to save audio from Whatsapp

How to save audio from Whatsapp

  • Step by step procedure to save audio from WhatsApp
  • Whatsapp is the source of having audio conversation
  • A bit tricky audio to save audio WhatsApp


You can save the videos and pictures but you cannot save the audio. It is bit tricky and you can use audio settings to save audio files from WhatsApp to your phone. This step by step procedure will let you know how you can save audio from WhatsApp.

Save audio on IPhone

  • You have to download the purchased WhatsApp workflow app.
  • This app will cost you 2 dollars on purchasing this app
  • Another website is required that is documents app which is necessary
  • You have to open the workflow page on Safari and will be getting the workflow link
  • Now you have to open the conversation in the WhatsApp which containing the audio file
  • If there is audio message is available then you can tap and download the audio file
  • Now you have to select the audio message from the bottom left corner of the Whatsapp
  • There is the option share menu, select it
  • Now you have to tap the run workflow from extension and find the workflow app
  • Now you must tap on save audio from my workflows and a pop up will appear
  • Tap on run workflow to access the Open in menu

 Save audio on android

  • You must download the ES file explorer from the play store
  • Now next step you have to browse to media and location using the explorer
  • Go to the received audio files from the WhatsApp voice folder
  • Once you choose the audio files to download save it to your folders
  • You can also save audio on USBs